Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is the main focus of treatment activities. The unique author's technique allows you to restore the reproductive function of women for 1-3 courses of treatment. It is recommended to come to the reception for both spouses.

Treatment of female diseases

Normalization of the reproductive system of a woman provides not only the birth of a child, but also plays a crucial role in women's health.

Treatment of male diseases

The problem of childlessness in the family in 40 cases out of 100 is a violation of the male reproductive function. Treatment of prostatitis and other male diseases greatly increases the possibility of conceiving a child.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a result of constant fatigue, poor lifestyle choices and can lead to depression and other serious illnesses.

body cleansing

Tibetan herbal teas effectively cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. This helps to improve the work of the intestines, normalize metabolic processes, reduce obesity and improve overall human health.


Уникальная авторская методика

The author's method of treatment of infertility

Уникальная авторская методика

More than 1000 children born

Уникальная авторская методика

The use of natural herbals

Уникальная авторская методика

Without physical effects on the body

Уникальная авторская методика

Without chemistry and side effects




Today, many couples dream of becoming parents, but the long-awaited baby does not appear even after 5-10 years of married life. Unsuccessful attempts at conception lead to depression, deterioration of relations in the family. Frustrated parents sadly look at how the children of their friends are growing up, but they are not able to change anything.

Is fertility treatment effective?

Hoping to change the fate of a couple who have no children, they turn to doctors. Infertility treatment services in Moscow are offered by many clinics.

Comprehensive examination and long-term, expensive treatment often helps, but some couples who have experienced all modern methods do not wait for a long-awaited pregnancy. In some cases, physicians can not even identify the reason that impedes conception.

After repeated attempts to become parents, many couples divorce, some adopt a child or try to come to terms with the situation, devoting themselves to work or a favorite thing. But unfulfilled dream deprives life of bright colors.

Is there a way out?

If none of the modern methods of treatment of infertility has given results, do not despair. Tibetan medicine comes to the rescue. Valuable knowledge that has accumulated over the centuries, today continues to work wonders and change human destinies.
Traditional medicine is aimed at treating the disease, and Tibetan methods are designed to reveal an imbalance in the body and restore the lost balance.

Tibetologists distinguish 27 causes that prevent conception and carrying a pregnancy. If absolute causes, such as the absence of internal genital organs of congenital or acquired genesis, do not allow having a baby, then relative reasons are a reason for treatment, and not rejection of the joy of motherhood.

The most common causes of secondary infertility Tibetologists include bad habits, poor diet, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, stress, early sexual relations, abortion, drug abuse. These factors lead to an imbalance of "Lun", "Zhi" and "Bacan", so conception becomes impossible. If you restore the lost balance, the ability to conceive is restored. That is why in many cases, medication and procedures do not give a positive result.
Another common cause of infertility is the physiological incompatibility between a married couple, or Cang Djir. The man and the woman are healthy, but the marriage is fruitless. In this case, unique techniques of Tibet, handed down from generation to generation, can also help.

Author's method of treating infertility Chzhoma Dunchzhi

The famous professor Chzhoma Dunchzhi specializes in the treatment of infertility, urological and gynecological diseases.

The doctor has developed his own unique technique, which he does not pass on to anyone. He has helped many families who have already lost hope of hearing children's ringing laughter in their home.

Chzhoma Dunchzhi was born and spent part of his life in Tibet, where he learned from the experience and knowledge of his spiritual mentor, engaged in spiritual practice.

Today he is a specialist in the field of Tibetan medicine, recognized by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, registered in the register of healers in Russia and having official permission to practice.

The Tibetan doctor uses unique recipes from healing herbs, introduces spiritual practices, helps the couple to normalize their way of life and come to an inner balance. This allows you to restore the lost balance and become happy parents. 

If you have tried all methods of treating infertility in Moscow, but never have children, Chzhoma Dunchzhi will help to become a happy, full-fledged family Thanks to his author's method, unique knowledge and gift, more than 1000 babies were born, whose parents have already lost hope.